“I grew up in the 1950’s, when Life Magazine arrived every week at the house, B-Science Fiction movies flooded the screens, and printed color looked generally a little more washed out than today. This is still the lens through which I see the world.”

I’m based in southern Maine, and make my living primarily as a commissioned visual artist, with an emphasis on murals and public art (see www.gordoncarlisle.com). I’m also a theatre artist, creating music, sets and publicity, and acting with my wife Susan Poulin in www.gordoncarlisle.com plays of ours, which we’ve toured as far afield as Minneapolis (see www.poolyle.com).

I began collaging my final year at the San Francisco Art Institute, 1973. A planner by nature, I’ve always found the free-associative quality of collage liberating. From the beginning, I’ve let the collages tell me where they want to go. (And no, these are not made digitally; they’re done with an Xacto knife and spray adhesive, enhanced in many cases with acrylic paint.)

My paintings are more deliberate, more planned out than the collages. I’m often inspired by, and work on top of found objects, old prints and paintings.

I believe humor, politics, and social and religious commentary belong in visual Art, and much of the work featured on this website reflects that belief.

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[Photo: Tim Gaudreau]